consumption of a line, of an experience, to draw out the line, in different possible means, means the act of consumption.

consumption is directly linked with repetition, to repeat that circle, the representational form, the spiral, in this case, the bodies parts, anatomy, the breast, the vagina, the hips, the postures the joining of the form, colliding, embracing, seeing, moving the gaze, moving in all directions, losing out on the body as a representational form to a pattern merging in line, like M C ESHER’s work or a pattern on a wall, a spiders web, it is the force of the line and constant closing in of the line which creates gaps, then these gaps lead to smaller gaps and then smaller gaps to small holes, to larger spaces on paper, the drawing is now creating the line to find itself on the tracing paper.

tracing paper means, line into the line, the legs are moving, the penis is contracting, extracting, exploding like a penis to a pillar, to a monument, lubricating like a machinery, a device which functions like the movement of what is around.

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