6749 km

the difficulty is that today is the 25th of September and i brought with me from India on the 20th, a sketchbook.

The sketchbook is intended for drawing in Cafe’s in Nottingham.

But where is that place ?

The Place is no longer there.

where i was in India, new delhi is 6749 km away. There i had concepts, ideas to work on and here i have nothing of that.

So what happens now. I know drawing for sure. other things i don’t know.

What I know is that SITE affects the working. And while walking in the city, it is possible to stop at points. That the city has a centre. The centre runs on Capital consumption. That there are exit gates which take you out of the City Centre.

In such circumstances, Drawing has to find a meaning.

And right now I don’t have a direct meaning except that a lot of time is being consumed by observation.

Sketchbook right now means a post observation event.






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