how do questions act in the world?

questions are formed. questions are answered and questions are created. The city I am in has a river, a map and routes to walk on. I can not walk into someones home or can I ?

The things that I see on my path of walking can be modified to create a question or themselves become a question.

what is an equation ? Can you code an equation or the equation be a coded message which when opened to tried in variation becomes a higher truth.

Can “imaginary mathematics” become an intersection to ask something new ?

The Shanghai biennale proposes and poses a series of questions. It proposes a space where anything can be said. And it poses because one is here in this new space.

So every new space poses a series of questions.

The question here is – what is civilisation ?

when i say what is civilisation, it means to live. How to live?


( A designated space allotted to make a mark inside the Power Station of Art, Level 01)




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