why you should help me!

The failure of an Opening! Opening means when an exhibit opens up to public. It is a failure because it has staged an event. It has arranged an event. Can an event happen without an arrangement? Can it be not a staged moment? Is it necessary to invite. Everything works through invitation. You can open and close a shop. You can set rules of timings when people should come to view. Can we create a moment of viewing where a transaction happens or what I could mean is a moment of viewing is the transaction but it is not created in any sense or it is not set recognized as a creation. To create is a problem in some way.


The Opening is not a failure in the traditional sense, in how everyone reads failure but failure because it repeats itself every time and so a definition has taken its place. And when definitions form in anything, something becomes a failure. It’s because you know how things, how time will be used. I feel it can lack surprise.


I think that’s why a classroom structure also fails, because you know the time when it will begin and take up a space to teach or be a listener. Or maybe I have a problem with repetition to things. Because the classroom, taking a shower, the method of how an opening unfolds, a movie is made are all fall under the category of being in repetition, thus failure.


There is no escape I feel.

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