Drawing divisions

Drawing can be seen as central for the exhibition space. Its one way of looking at things. And that is what i want to talk about. We have an exhibition space and works are in relation to each other. We use words such as Cohesiveness, the show being crisp, tight and a connection between how things fall into each other. Everything represents, is a follow up to something around it. When show is being curated.

Now notes on Drawing: We begin with Drawing. It is two dimension and it is a line embossed on paper. Now the next step is the paper which changes in nature. The paper could have different shades of white, could be black etc.

Now the content on the paper changes. It could be one material, then another material, and then mixed media. So either the surface changes, or the content on it changes.

Mixed media here means, a question arises: What if I have this media, and then i include that media ? What happens in these situations, or a situation. These are created not by chance but by method.

If the surface changed from this colour of paper, to that colour of paper. The paper could change to another material. And this could be chiseled out from a sheet which is not paper. What is not paper and can be drawn upon, cut into, or is used over centuries. We have the Lino sheet, and now we have sheets which work with optical illusion, the hologram sheets. Both the Lino and the hologram sheet serve a purpose. Its an effect. In Lino it is a process of reversal, like reverse acrylic sheet paintings and in the hologram sheets, the shift is from the inkjet / laser to the industrial use. Its a shift to the home use to the industrial, the commercial segment. This is a never ending field with machines which are meant to mass produce. Stickers, vinyl printing to how machines are being built to serve a purpose.

Drawing is now running in a horizontal line, from shifting in material and surfaces. It could be a pastel line, to a watercolour line, tone, splash, mark to an erased pencil, charcoal line. The permanent ink versus the non waterproof ink line. What can be changed, erased, washed out to what can not be changed. Did you know the OHP pen is meant for the acetate sheet which is meant for an OHP ( over head projector ). yes you knew but did you feel it, experience it while you drew on paper. You don’t have a CD anymore but the pen is there. Its complex matter and we will take this forward horizontally and vertically.

Vertically I see two spaces for the Drawing to move. And this movement will again run horizontally. When drawing leaves the space of line of a pen on paper to another direction, it is now 3D and 3D kinetic. And when it goes vertically in the opposite direction it is now entering the field of the digital space where the train tracks can run forever on the screen inwards. It is now still, animated and sculpted but all inside the digital space. The image is no longer the surface of the paper.

And outside in 3D, it is now 1,2 and 3. 1,2 and 3 means in a dioramic fashion, the 1 is the back ground, the 2 is the main story in the mid ground and 3 is something in front. This can have no end but you get the point. 1,2 and 3. all in the physical space but in 3D. But on paper the window behind the characters and the table in front are all in the same picture frame.

This can change if a motor creates a movement which again is not possible on paper but in the virtual digital space of in this 3D physical space. Even the clock is 3D as it runs, spins over the drawings of the numbers telling the change in hours. Movement is another horizontal direction.

This is one method of dividing the exhibition space into a single body. What led to what and how things changed when you went from one to another. The problem with reading and looking around is that you discover that the paper is blank, but it could be a printed surface with content on it and you approach not a blank surface but a surface with content on it. This is never ending.

but my main concern was using drawing with method and material as one way of looking. There are more methods. the other i will talk about in the next blog article.

Good night.

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