hulk ? or what was it ?

I did say to my brother, that you can detonate a bomb and nothing will happen to you, but the other person will get damaged. It was me, my brother and another person. I did not have any super powers and we are in a house cum building, as it would turn out to be a building with multiple floors in the dream itself depending on which part of the dream i was in.

In one part i run and hide under a car because the building / house has a bomb about to blow up. I wait in anticipation, as there are windows with glass which i stare at from the corner of the car that if the bomb goes off, all this glass along with other parts of the building will come flying towards me and this car as a shield should save me.

In another part of the dream, me and my brother are going down the stairs and a group of women look at my brother and admire him. They tell me the same. He is wearing a suit and the hulk like situation is very less visible. So i am astonished to see that hulk like situation has phases from being normal to coming full form as a monster like form from the outside, outwardly appearance. My brother does not wants to be noticed and wishes to blend in. We are going down the stairs and I tell him the same. He says, who was that person. I rush down to find that person but in the dream i do not.

In another situation: We are fighting this other person with some form of super powers. This person is not a hulk, but human but can withstand a bomb blast but will get injured also. So its me and my brother and this other person. I keep telling my brother that you should just use the bomb to blast and kill the other person. You will survive and this chase will come to an end.

Dream ends.

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