my parallel universe

This Parallel universe is not a concrete space but an abstract space experienced in the head or somewhere. Maybe its my own way of giving a name  to something. May be it is a mental illness. (I could be wrong).
 I tested DRAWING the first time. It was a realisation of failure. 

The second time, the same set of questions (enquires) arose as i reached a similar situation. 

The questions were same. 

The parallel world is based on certain assumptions.

1. It is about entry and exit 

2. It is unresolved in nature

3. It initiates a search

The parallel universe raises enquries. 

1) what happens next?

2) what is happening there? 

3) how is it functioning? 

The parallel universe can be seen in a cycle. It can reappear under similar conditions. 

How did drawing fail?

Drawing was an exercise to maybe overcome the anxiety of answers which i was searching for from the parallel universe (the enquires) 

I had a feeling drawing won’t work. 

When the parallel universe resurfaced the second time, i got answers to (the enquires). 

This was because DRAWING was used as a bridging device. 

The parallel universe is not like thinking of a cloud someplace else but a mental situation where you are concerned about the functioning of things. Drawing the cloud will only lead to frustration (maybe) 

Drawing was used to communicate. It helped in creating access points to both the universe. 

Because for the parallel universe, this is a parallel universe. 

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