The Mall

Drawing inside a mall. Notes on Drawing.

I have never drawn inside a mall.What holding a sketchbook, finding a place to sit made me do is look at things which never existed before. Like a scene which appeared out of nowhere, only because i mediated the moment through a sketchbook.



In this sketch i began my drawing the mannequin inside the showcase window. Slowly i started to notice the glass, the separation of me sitting outside and the inside space of the showroom, like some type of division of space, boundary.


Then i would see the Salesmen come up to this same glass and look up. He would stare up watching the people and then go back in, as if he was in a prison. That life was outside and not where he was.


As the sitting place shifted, i was faced with seeing another spectacle. It was the store H & M with its bright red logo flashing on four strategic locations. It was a perfect composition to draw, it was so perfectly planned, right from the architect to the planner to the showroom’s decision to make it so prominent that this moment can not be escaped.




After the Architectural design’s drawing. My attention drew towards the movement of people coming down the escalators. These are two drawings of how i noticed the postures of people.


Drawing, or rather the form of sketchbook was a way to sketch an observation which I found interesting. This can be a way to improve your perception about what one sees in reality.





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