wood cut

The idea that this is a technique called Wood Cut is interesting. The idea that I used Carving tools on a carving sheet is also interesting. It is interesting because of certain reasons:

The reasons are as follows and the reasons are also interesting because I feel the reasons themselves make it the most interesting.

List of Reasons:

  1. I used a carving tool to carve out of a surface
  2. I have to use the right tool for the right carving i want
  3. I don’t see the final effect when I am carving.
  4. It felt like i was peeling something with a needle.
  5. I did not use Wood cut but a Lino cut sheet
  6. The speed of peeling is in an even flow
  7. I enjoy the feel of peeling out a line and feeling that this will turn white, if the pit I am digging is deep enough, evenly deep so that it becomes a fine even line.

The Instructions on the Sakura Grip Carving Tool 4 piece set say:

  1. Never place the hand in the path of the blade.
  2. Keep out of reach of small children.

I am a small child from within. And it’s difficult to make a line with the blade and remember that your hand is in the way. No where has it been written that when i draw with a pen, that I keep my other hand out of the way. Maybe I tape my other hand below the table and draw ?

The Two Images

the first one, i was told by a young boy that i use a spoon to press and get the ink effect on the paper. and in the second one, we did it inside a rolling object. A rolling object is a big Roller with bed sheets around it. You place your paper facing the Lino cut sheet which is kissing the ink. The ink has been rolled on to the lino cut sheet. It seems there is lot of rolling around happening here. I should just roll myself on the sheet of paper or on the ground. So that the rolling effect is complete.

So the sheet is gift wrapped and placed inside the roller. Then… you roll it and the second print came with an even tone of black ink and a very prominent white line made by two things.

  1. movement of my arm with the tool and
  2. second thing i forgot as i am having coffee as i write and there are clothes spinning in the washing machine and diwali is there in just few days and i am in a festive mood (hahahahahaha)

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