Snake on the wall

there is a snake on my wall. The image showed that there was a green coloured snake on the wall. We don’t know if it was a wall. But if i saw two planes. A horizontal and a vertical plane, i could say there was a wall. But images are flat, just like drawings. anything on then is only an illusion.

The Instagram message said, there is a snake on the wall of my home. So now we now, this person stays in this home and has been staying here for a very long time and considers it as ITS OWN.

Its my home. this is my car, my pen, my underwear, my life, my world, my tears, my pain, my loss, my gain. This is how we live. All of us including the crazy monkey.

So now i knew, this image was not only about the snake on a wall. On a wall means, something which can climb vertically. But it was invasion of someone’s place. So this person, lets call this person S, S means the person and S for snake. In this story, its not two snakes. Snakes can not use the phone and message me and show an image and say, its one of my species on the wall.

So S tell me, lets have S in bracket. (S) calls me and tell me that she is feeling scared. There is fear in this moment. Partly because we know that snakes bite.

Enough about us.

us is us humans.

The snake is in the photograph taken by the way of looking by (S). (S) has taken a photo of the snake because all het attention, her mind’s focus is on this snake which is inside her home. It should not be there. It came un invited. Even when we draw, from the conscious mind, or the subconscious mind, the consciousness always draws what we know. We dont have instances of the snake on the wall. So this means, our mind is also our home. And have we ever got alarmed by a drawing, a line, a work of art where we say, how did you get in ???? Have we ever taken a photo and said, where did you come from ?

The snake, as shared by (S) could have visited this wall. ( The wall has no ownership of anyone). The wall exists as owned by someone. Or inhabited by someone only because the human mind thinks so. It is terrified by invasion or uninvited guests. The snake could have visited and left this wall many many times in the past. Its mom and dad could have been visitors also. But today, the Retina of (S) saw it. As she would say to her friend. I saw it with my own eyes. There is was. Trembling with fear and anxiety, i too its photo. Then the rescue team was called. Animal rescue team. Who i feel themselves need to be rescued from the concept of Rescue itself.

The rescue team came and took away the snake. But can anyone take an unfamiliar drawing from us. Let us suppose we draw something from the MIND HOME ? and a shocking, unfamiliar thought comes, Which needs to be censored or we say, how could I have thought of this ?? This is an absurd sketch, drawing that I made. Is there a Wild Drawing Rescue team ? And will the snake within go away, which creeped up ? Or will it now haunt us and keep coming back again and again as a set pattern.

(S) knew now that this is possible. That now that wall is no longer a wall she knows. Its a wall which can have a snake on it. She wants to go illogical also in her drawings. Have no logic she says. But she can not imagine a rabbit on the wall. Maybe another snake and she would have plans to trap it again. Maybe a snake spray ? or Snake repellant ? The Wild life rescue people did tell her that these snakes can reach up to 7-8 floors. So she can not now go and take up a home on the 9th floor. but she can lock her windows, shaft areas, main doors better. You start locking up. But you can not do that with your mind home. It is open at all times. The eye balls, one of the sensations is always open. Any snake can come in. And it does for sure. We fear snakes and so it will enter. But should we be encountering or I cam write in better words – have these snakes roaming around when we draw. To let them out. But do we even know how ? Does it occur in our making a line, mark, stroke on paper ? Is the snake on the wall a representation of our fear ? Let us suppose thats (S) and her family grew up with snakes on the wall. And they called the wild life rescue only when they saw, lets say elephant or a Rhino in the room ? Snakes were acceptable. because Its ok. Its not that (S) is walking on her walls. Its a free space. And the snake is not saying anything. Have you ever seen a snake Bark ? or a snake pounce on you, start licking you like a dog? No!

yes, they are know to bite. And some have venom, some don’t.

Some Practitioners let chance happen. Lets say drop some ink on paper, or fiddle it around with the hand to create something. And then see what happens. Or with watercolour, or wet ink, you make a line, somewhere on the boundaries of surprise, or a chance effect and you dont know what will happen. But its not really the snake in the room. Why ? and what is this snake effect.

When (S) shared this image. I was also looking at my walls. We stay on the second floor and i recall seeing the whats app messages of the RWA which mentioned that snakes, small size were found in the back lanes while cleaning by MCD. So yes, they are there, but just not my wall. And i dont spend time of the day looking at my wall. Wall have a function. My wall blocks the wall of my neighbour. We can not see each other. Thats what walls do. You will never see me walking on the wall. The closest i have been to my wall is with a nail and a hammer or a drill. I have never hugged my wall, tried making love to it or bang my head against it to break my skull into pieces and have a broken skull effect. I actually dont have one wall, but many walls in my room.

When we draw, if i drop the idea of the snake for the moment, since snake like shocking drawings do not pop up. I do not message a friend and share an image and say, where did this drawing come from ? But If snakes dont exist, then walls must exist for sure ? Yes, walls are more common than snakes. A drawing block, a drawing wall. Because we can not see beyond a certain level of existence. So the mind can have walls. That is more real than the idea of the snakes. But I dont stay in a cave. If i did, then the example of a cave wall would be more appropriate.

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