forming of the book – early stage

sipping on a LARGE cup of capeechinoo and almond muffin sliced in 4 ( god dam maida ) at barista yesterday made me cry again. I had 4 books with me.

this was the first book, and i realise i had started to use my home printer because i rejected this book. and now this book was outshining from all of them. I give you the PURE reasons for the same. I don’t know but I am confused and scared at this stage. As I dont know what to do? Should i put petrol in my home printer and lit it on fire and watch the flames consume the printer and then say. PRINTER NO MORE or seek answers from the home printer ?

This book was printed from a local printer in a nearby market at home. It is images which have been screen shot and then placed in the google document. The image still retains the original shade of the sketchbook paper. When i got them printed, i placed it on my head ( all the sheets ) and walked in rain to my home. So the paper has my rain story and the current conditions depicts the same.

this is the second book. It is paper folded, then glued on the side. it is a crude state of book.

This is the inside of the same book. The left page is printed and the right page is where I have drawn in response to the left printed image. It is the inside of the crude book. I hate crude books. they lack alignment, finesse and the book quality we are seeking. So lets scan it and then see what happens.

i tried pasting on another book. Thinking i could just use the feature of photo copy in the printer and cut and paste it in the book. I cried after i saw this.

this is the final book. which has everything. it has style, neatly cut paper with two staple pins waiting to puncture through its heart and lungs. The Black line is intriguing for me in the centre. I did not draw it with a pen, but its line created by the scanner when i scanned the earlier book. This process is endless. Now again i can draw in this book and scan it and that becomes the narrative in another book. But thats not the point here. Some one awaits for a book to be exchange and drawn it. It has to be physically passed on.


the problem is simple. As i sat in the Cafe yesterday with no rain in the sky. It was cloudy sky. This means no sun in the sky but clouds which are taking in the sun light and so sun light rays are blocked. But it’s DAY. This can also be called as Cloud light. So I was seeing everything under cloud light. I was cloud lit. I must stop this nonsense.

so the problem is, the first book which was dipped in rain and then home dried appeals to me the most. WHY ??? i dont know. you tell me Reader ?

I have an idea. I will photograph the book and then print it ? It’s not a scanned and printed image, but a PHOTO BOOK. A photo book which has an image. Lets see what happens ? but then these are endless ideas and we have left ourselves from drawing on paper to creating a book. And being artist, we experience some form of aesthetics or desire them. The content of the book is pre existing, yet when the printer re prints dot by dot the image, as now I see the printer also as a Drawer. Someone who takes command and draws out those instructions yet it has its own qualities which give out or show up in the printed image. And then there are millions of the same printer.

Let us suppose a model of a printer is made. and it has been mass produced 1 million times ( thats ten lakhs you moron ). Then this artist has been mass produced. And it has a model number. Once it is obsolete. The artist printer is dead.

and the story does not only start or end with the printer. It has also to do with image editing softwares, and in this case, just the fact, when we see the image on our screen before printing, the editing eye of ours starts to function. It is now looking at an image which can be enhanced, modified in any way possible.

Drawing on paper is defined by that gestural movement of the pen / pencil tool which moves into the future with every movement leaving behind a trace of the line. Here, in the formation of the book, the mark making, the movement of the line is different. It is changing hands, from the drawing in the sketchbook, to the effect it has on us when we see it on the computer screen to the printed form on paper again, which does not stop as a A4 size printed paper. ( normally we all have A4 and we get a4 sheets only ). The A 4 size paper is again now put into the pressure of coming together as a word called – BOOK.

Sir can i book your tickets please.

Yes, please, isko book karo !

my tickets are booked to something. I dont know. but here it is book. A book with a word called pages. Please someone help me at this stage. Is there a book editor out there somewhere?

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