1 hour of Scribbling Exercises on Saturday Sept 03 from 11 to noon.

The workshop will be led by Gagan Singh Artist. It will be conducted online on Zoom. The charges are Rs 500/-

or google pay – 9871008567, Gagandeep Singh Grover.

This workshop will require you to prepare yourself with Material, with the idea of what is a scribble and how you can share new possibilities with the participants.

  1. Material means, the material with which you make the mark. and the surface you make it on.
  2. What is a scribble. Doing online reading on what is a definition of a scribble and what scribble means to you if you scribble


  1. Share new possibilities means what can you offer as a new way to scribble, or your new discoveries which could be prior to the workshop and or during the workshop that you discovered, experienced.
  2. An example of doing one hour scribbling is to have pens, markers, pencils, charcoal sticks, any object that creates a mark etc handy and papers, loose sheets with you to draw on of various sizes.
  3. You can even use your hands to scribble by putting paint on it or just charcoal dry powder. The possibilities are many. And these will evolve as you Scribble.
  4. I don’t know what to say for point number 4…
  5. Also can you email me a previous Scribble drawing done by you on – gobind1699@gmail.com


What makes up a scribble?

Simple warm up scribbles we take out. These are your original scribbles.  

  1. The splash ( this is to explore chance )
  2. The stain ( we did not try this )
  3. The graphite line marked and erased (this was attempted)
  4. Uncontrollable flow (part of the chance)
  5. Stick figure ( the opposite of the good realistic drawing )
  6. Un-drawing, beyond drawing ( we did not attempt this)
  7. Doodle, without thinking, or thinking of something else
  8. Eyes closed, or lights are shut in the room  
  9. Not serious, seen negative
  10. On the floor ( we did try this and was really successful )
  11. Childish drawing: The text writing is an exercise of writing text in a childish way
  12. C Y Twombly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxKdAzYkfcI
  13. Drawing a larger paper and the body doing whole body gestures (the whiteboard was used to demonstrate by placing on the floor).