Memory based exercises & Sequential thinking

This workshop explored the definition of What is Sequential thinking and What is Memory?

The start was with scribbling on paper followed by Memory based exercies.

It was a series of exercises exploring the different types of memories.

Readings from Carl Jung from three books.

  1. On Dreams
  2. On Symbols
  3. On Memories

Workshop module / flow / break up.

  1. Immediate memories 
  2. Childhood memories
  3. Future memories
  4. Dream Memories
  5. Interval – Carl Jung Reading
  6. Share Prompts in the Chat box 
  7. Select a Prompt from the Chat box
  8. Start with the HOW TO?
  9. Interval – Utagawa’s Sketchbook
  10. Interval – audio / video off
  11. Interval – leave the place of working
  12. Interval – Line / Scribble asana repeat
  13. Interval – No memories – observation
  14. Give solutions to others
  15. Do the final / Conclusive drawing.

There was a basic introduction given to what is Sequential thinking. The participants were not fully clear on what is sequential thinking. There were PDF’s emailed to the participants.

  1. Material Asana
  2. Utagawa’s sketchbook
  3. Carl Jung Readings
  4. Drawing in Sequence

workshop held Online on – June 05, 2022

Timings: 11 am to 1 pm ( 2 hour online workshop)