dream and real life, the digital space

A very clear dream. I will write about it but first something on real life. It has taken me 4 years to reach this point. Sept 2019 I have a Solo show and now I am in May 2023.

In May 2023, i realised that if I can draw on paper characters and put colour on them on the same sheet of paper, i could do the same in the digital space and I can also animate them doing things inside the digital space. Why this is necessary I don’t know but I feel I should go inside this digital world.

Maybe because Computers have been invented, thats why. The invention should be explored.

The dream:

In this i meet an artist friend whom I had seen in my dreams only at one location but only for a 1/100th of a second and in the second part of the dream, I am now passing and this artist calls me and says Hi. I then meet, greet the artist very warmly and say, I saw you at that location, i think i saw you there. This is happening on the main road in a common space.

Then In another segment of my dream, I have parked my car and i see my cousin reversing his car and and I waive to him. I am now walking from the bushes onto the main road and again into the bushes. I have left the spot from my cousins place.

Then again now i am at my cousins home. His mom and dad are there. His dad says something which I don’t understand. He says I am glad I am here because today is the day to go there. It is a date where we are going to a function which has something to with someone who passed away recently. My cousins dad has passed away few years back but is there in my dreams.

I leave from here because i dont get it and i have reached my home. My cousin calls me to ask where am I. I say I am at home. My cousins mom gets upset that I did not tell them I went away because today all of us were going to this function of the person who passed away.

I dont know who had passed away in this dream.

Real life:

Ironically i realised that when i come home after working in the day, I am made up of the physical experience of that day. I give you an example. I have had to use my magnifying glass, and search online for a Macro lens for my digital camera, just to see a spider inside my bathroom. This spider is sitting next to the window where i take a shower everyday and my I phone lacks the Macro lens ability to give me a detail of the skin, face, body of this spider. So I need this experience and when i get it, I can then draw it out because it has gone in my head. An online image of a spider does not work because it is a photograph and that too not clicked by me. So its not my spider and currently I dont have the eyes to see this creature, insect, animal, species, non human being etc.

The dream ended, Im not sure where, but I think I go to this function eventually because I did not go with my cousins and so i go and as i am coming out, I am met with this artist friend, the same one i mentioned earlier, whom i had seen in the same dream but some place earlier. We did not meet then, but we met again.

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