Untitled dream

So I can tell you this dream in bits and pieces. There is a map that i see of a place. I have been there or its a familiar map for me. I did see the lake in between those homes and a big colony with a school, a Club of some sort for the public.

In this dream, i am with my brother and both of us are going to the doctor. We have the appointment and i am driving in the Scooty, motorcycle with him where at night i try to drive to this place which i had seen in the map and then realise its not worth it or I am lost, so i decide to head back or I am someplace. As i turn around to drive back, my brother tells me, the appointment for the doctor is on time, so lets not go back yet because we have come so far and the timing is right to meet the doctor.

I agree.

I am standing with my brother in a road which is slanted like those roads we have in Multi level parking spaces, They are slanted to go up and down at 45 degree angle. He says the doctor is calling. So he heads forward. As i try to move forward towards my brother. I hear some racist words being spoken of my yellow turban. I am unsure if they are, but some jokes, or some kids standing next to the wall are saying something. I turn around and do not move from there and say – what did you say, what did you say few times. Then is say, I am here for the Doctors appointment for my brother and we are heading there since we got a call from the doctors cabin. These 2 kids go serious and are quiet.

I think they were saying something because I was standing in their spot. I think.

I move on and go down and my brother is being hit by two kids in the back with fist punches. these two kids are covered with mud, soil because this tunnel place is all soil. We are inside the earth. This is basement space. My brother is just standing there and they are hitting at his back. He cant feel anything. I go closer and remove these kids as my brother is not there. I look back at where I am coming from and feel anxious as it is a dark tunnel which we are going into.

I go further and i see my brother standing in the dark. I go closer to him but he doesn’t say anything.

I keep saying his name. But he doesn’t say anything. The dream ended here and I woke up but i knew this tunnel went deeper and this was a dark place, with no light.

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