Paharganj, as the title of this post suggest is where I went and this is a very interesting story, if…you really want to take interest.

Now let us begin with this idea that i went from a DRAWING mind and I went with looking for things to just come my way. But did they ??

I walked from paharganj market back to Connaught place inner circle, had pineapple ice cream milk and then took an auto rickshaw back home. Rs 200 from my home to Paharganj in the afternoon of a mid may summer with extreme heat and no stoppage on the way to Rs 180 from CP inner circle to my home at 8 pm with an extreme cool night temperatures. I went back with nothing accomplished and a feeling that why did i come here and a place like Chawri bazaar with different materials would have been better,

There are TWO main conflicts. One is to print with UV technology and the idea of a printed line on surfaces and the other is to draw on an acrylic sheet as an idea of Hand drawn item.

Paharganj Market. Known as Chuna Mandi, is all about these tapes. The white tape used to create this arrow. The two white tape arrows on GO SLOW. Tapes, whether Reflective tapes, neon tapes, Vinyl design tapes, all crudely out there in rolls.

Then there is the market of people who are printing. All of these prints will last you few years. The inks are all chemical. They are not archival, but inks meant to last few years of usage to sell your burger and pizza LED lit advertisement. In house factories generating massive dump of advertisement in printed format. And here I land as an artist thinking what do i do here?

My recent trip to Goa and even before that my interest in cutting glass and using it as a drawing format drives me to two stores selling glass cut technique material. I enquire and move on.

One tape generates an interest.

Its called – Anti skid tape used on stair cases so people don’t slip and fall. We are human beings with two legs. That is the problem. I would suggest walk on all 4 legs. I liked this tape lying there at Pahar ganj because of its TACTILITY.

Tactility was not there in other things but this tape. It generates a feel, because of the tension of its surface. The surface is rugged and its meant for fall to not happen.

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