Paharganj day 2

Crazy as it may sound, or it may seem but, on Day 1 a location can not be cracked. Nor can ordering material online for the same. In this case, it was about cracking Paharganj and using it as a base for creation. Base means that material procured from there are what matter the most.

I took a photo of how these reflective self adhesive papers are used for Road Signs. They fascinate me. Their visibility is suppose to help us see them for very far distances and they create a glow, a shine when light falls on them. So i took this photo to Paharganj. Then felt cheated because these were not hand cut reflective paper but machine printed on the white sheet. Anything could be printed including an image, and then we will put a sheet on it. It will cost you this much and if you put another shield coating. It will last another 3 years, said the shop keeper.

I left his shop with shit on my shoe soles.

I was happy today. Today was my Day 2 at Paharganj. A place called Chuna Mandi and it is a drive down Panch kua Road ( 5 water wells ). I was happy because I knew that for things to get done, you have to go with a focused mind because you want to do it and you should have a target of the materials you want and what to create out of it as an Idea. So I went with this intention that I have to EXECUTE this.


After having two confused experiences in two different shops, I took a decision to finalise and pick and buy 4 colours. Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. All Road Sign material and very paper cut friendly. Maybe the sheet is like 60 gsm or even thinner in nature but a layer of reflective design.

In reality, I realised, as I was exiting from Paharganj to go to CP and have Pineapple Milk shake in a Milk bottle with a swelled left finger Thumb, that things are in this world really cheap. It is the Economic Zone which is mass producing. How many pieces? The shop keeper would say, BULK may karvaogay tau itna cost aayaygaa. Machines are and will be meant for Cheap Mass Production. All of this Art work that i saw being created for the Road Signs in Pahar Ganj (Mountain) was being mass produced. And Innovation is happening here in the plastics, the varieties of things and so on and so forth.

I took the auto from there to CP for the inner circle. I said rs. 50 but we settled for rs. 70/-

In my hand i had the roll of these sheets and i chose not to buy the tactile rough textured Anti Skid tape roll. This would be too much to handle and I just needed enough for this 1 single idea that i had. So lets go one step at a time and buy only what I INTEND TO EXECUTE. Just that one thing. Lets not waste hard earned money from my blood and sweat otherwise anxiety would lead me to pass unwanted Gas.

I cracked Pahar Ganj i feel. to begin with at least.

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