Oh Ship !

i will start from the tail end of the dream. We got free. Its me, my dad and my brother swimming in the ocean, the sea at night. My dad is on my left and far ahead of me by few meters, my brother on another side. All three of us swimming at rapid speeds.

In this case, we are all three on a ship and it is an escape, I remember clinging on to the side of the ship. No we are not on it, but on the side of it think, no maybe on top of it. and side of it.

Now we are crossing through two buildings. The gap is so narrow that we can jump into the ocean. The ship which is maybe 90 to 100 feet in height or maybe even more is passing through this building or this home, or a fort and it is passing through a space, which is just the width of the ship. So my dad is telling me, we can not jump yet, because we need the full view of the ocean, to fall into and jump into and swim into.

A while later in the dream, because dreams happen in jerks, one scene, moment lays another, in another scene i see myself letting go of the ship and I see my father and my brother fall into the sea and the ship drifts at great speed ahead of us and vanishes. Its completely dark. Water is black all three of us are so happy, that we are in free waters, that we start swimming ahead with great speeds. I can feel my arms, body and legs in the water swimming so freely, carefully. I do wonder where are we headed to…i look ahead and i see the horizon deep orange, like the sun is setting or sun is getting up and it is early morning. No its more like a sun set colours.

How we are on this ship. I don’t know, what is the story or what occurred before this ship scene, i don’t remember.

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