L is for Liver.

This is a first. I am with a friend, with a business friend, a person that i know. Or I can not clearly remember with who, but I am with someone known. I have got my test done. i don’t know if it is blood test or X Ray, or MRI type of a test but i think in this dream i have a stomach problem, nothing serious.

But the doctor says, or my friend with me says, reports show I have issues in my Liver. Report has not come out right. There is a problem. Am i going to die ? I do ask someone, that how long do i have that i live?

So now i am unclear. Because I can not feel anything. I feel fit and fine, my guts feel fine but the reports show, that there is something wrong with my Liver. I am saying to myself, did this come up on its own because i don’t live a lifestyle as such to create problems for my Internal organs. I don’t get it.

I wake up at around few minutes to 7 am and the sunlight of the sun in the month of may in Delhi is beaming on my body, on my face very strongly.

I touch my stomach and say to myself as i remain awake from the dream that is this the prediction of my death to come.

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