A4 to A0

and much much more. We will not understand space until we approach these defined spaces. An A0 size to A3 to A4 and smaller and bigger with edges, boundaries and lines, where these sizes have come out of the machines, or have machines which only cut the paper to this size, so that we don’t have much choice except approach these sizes only. They are all rectangular in nature. We understand Vertical and horizontal format. because we have printing machines, so called home printers and we have factories where these sizes are printed out.

We can choose to cut them into a square format, or put two of these papers next to each other to create Diptych or Triptych. We can alter the size and we have pre defined size.

I am interested in not altering but the idea that an A0 is of a well defined dimension. It is this much in something even more interesting, which is height and width and it has no surface dimension. The surface is not of a significant thickness to have a measured dimension but it has a quality, like this much gsm or this type of grain or this colour tone of white, it is pearl white, cream white, off white, industrial white etc.

Its an amazing gift from the stationary store where these papers are wrapped up and placed. Its paper so it can have a crease and if someone touches it, it will get dirty. So you buy it in a pristine condition for Drawing.

You want to draw on it, so you buy it, you have a size you are comfortable to work with and you have some ideas, some thoughts, some desire to work on it and of course you have tools to do the same.

But this A0 size, or will it be an A2 or a small A5 is deadlocked with us. It is this that i am interested in.

Best wishes !

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