Beta, The reason the artwork has not been picked up (the selected drawings) is because the person did not have the money and we know you would ask for money as the first thing. You will take the money. and then only give the artwork and that is why this person ( who is in relation with me as a blood relative ) is not taking the work because this person does not have the money.

This was happening in the dream. I had selected the artworks and put them in a folder and then waiting for them to pick it up. Now when i knew the reason. I immediately said: Money is not needed, is not important and I want to give the artworks away. I searched for them and approached the house of this person.

I entered it and it was a curving room, with bookshelf running from floor to 2 floor height. It was like a an english home, or like a library. This person was on a balcony on top.

Then two people were discussing how I would never stop from artworks being given just because money had not been paid. This would never be the reason. I was listening to this and wanting to give the selected artworks.

In this dream, i am talking to others and searching. Do we keep searching in dreams all the time?

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