hum dil day chukay sanam

I feel embarrassed to share this but…. i think we might have a solution here for everything. If not everything, at least in the context of drawing. So let us begin.

(he he he…) trying to control laughter but can’t. (he he he, ha ha ha).

I had 4 attempts for my PNB bank netbanking and somehow all of them did not work and my netbanking was blocked with a message on Saturday that visit Local branch to get it reactivated.

I cried on sunday and waited for monday morning. I was in Taligao Goa and my office is Nehru Place, Delhi. On monday morning i set out to the bank in the main city Panjim and after driving for 5 km, and walking and coming to know, bank has shifted, i found the bank. but i was Shocked! .

Monday was Labour Day, May 1, 2023. All of Maharashtra banks SHUT. I went around driving the scooty madly and then reached a starbucks at Miramar but could not because i was busy reading a letter made for the bank by my staff to be given at the Nehru Place / kalka ji branch. The letters written had errors so i wrote a fresh letter and sent it but I could not sign it. So my office staff went to the bank only to be told that it is not signed so your work can not be done since its my savings account and only I, or my signed letter will work.

My office staff went at 3 pm because since morning there was heavy rains and thunderstorm in delhi.

Then the phone was handed over to me by a bank person. This female voice said to me: If i physically submit this letter, it will take a week or ten days for password to be sent to me. All i need to do is log in to Net banking and…click on Forget password.

By the time the phone was disconnected and my office staff came out of the bank to use the underpass to walk back to the office which was about 500 meters away and would take him 15 minutes to get back, I had in the next three minutes, logged in and downloaded the needed material and sent the email to my other staff who was unable to proceed further since Saturday April 29th.

Later that day when i again stepped out, about 100 meter away from my home was the PNB bank and i had driven to find the PNB bank in the main city. All i had to do was google this information before stepping out. And all i had to do was click on FORGET PASSWORD to generate a new password.

Its an incredibly stupid feeling one gets of being extremely conscious at every step. Every single step matters. And if we are not conscious and thinking then we do a task unnecessarily. I did this for three days. Saturday, Sunday and Monday. and if i was aware, then I would have resolved it on Saturday itself.

In terms of Drawing:

And in this case, to be very specific, Drawing for an Exhibition and to be more precise – Drawing for an exhibition which has the nature of or resembles a large body of work requires the same set of skills of “Forget Password”. Most of us drive around on that scooter and spend years doing that and do not exercise the skill to just log in and click on forget password, in other words, the drawing exhibition is more about what is unseen then what you create and put it behind an acrylic sheet or a glass frame. That is too easy and basic as a task completed. You will keep going to the bank but work will never be executed properly. After visiting the bank for years, you will finally get your password in mail, or in other words you will have enough works that the show can happen so you will put up the show, but all you had to was, where are my drawings headed, is saying hey i think i have forgotten password, so i click on this tick box – Where are drawings headed to and instead you tick on – I have completed this series of drawings and i need to work like this for another 3 years and then my show will be put up. This is all physically being seen but the wrong tick box. you just did not pay attention.

Paying attention to what is being drawn, what could be drawn, and what is this leading to is a different exercise and requires a different set of skills and it can help you disconnect, reconnect from your works that you are doing. Websites of galleries show art works as individuals and also as part of a show, so we one and then a series and then the whole show. Galleries are showing but in this process of search, we venture out on the scooter to the bank because the message said so. GO TO THE NEAREST LOCAL BRANCH. So what you do is GO TO THE NEAREST ART STORE and get material and make works.

Go to hell for a change!

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