The Software Blender has something called the Grease pencil. It allows me to see the back of my drawing, as if my drawing was in a 3D world but 2D. The drawing can be a cube of circles. All drawn in 2D and then turned and placed to form a cube of circles. There is a Camera which takes you all around.

Picasso in the meanwhile was busy with Reduction technique in Lino Cut. Every time he would apply a single colour, he would re do the Lino sheet to produce a new drawing which would then be re painted with a new colour. The final was the black colour and the work completed itself.

And watercolour has, can have layers but its not layers of photoshop. Unlike two pencil colours which blend into each other in dry mode, water colour works with the opposite of transparency. Glass is transparent. But I was unsure and scared off cutting it. I tried cutting a shape but then the glass cutter which is like a pen produces a dry powdered line and once you put oil in the pen, it produces a line which makes no sound and is not visible, but only the snap of the glass. The glass has to break to form a line.

It is crazy to think and see that you can draw on paper and then on glass. Except in this case, i am referring to cutting the paper to create a cut out and then cutting glass to do the same. As a human body, using a scissor and paper to cut or a cutter to cut is such a different experience to cutting a glass and creating a shape. Both are demanding a shape to come out and the idea of that ease of using the tool and the form appearing is satisfying. You can cut the Car or how i imagine sometimes, other forms in half, sliced like the paper cuts a curving line, a wavy line, i can not just run a similar line with a cutter and make my fridge at home half, but i can draw on it. I can draw inside the fridge or draw the fridge itself.


Suppose i get on the terrace of my home and from the roof of the second floor i decide to cut the home in half. I would be stopped by so many obstacles and hurdles. The house if empty of course. no one is living there but i have a machine and i am cutting the home in a curvy line half from one end to another.

I said to the glass wallah in panjim Goa, that cut this shape out in glass, cut this, cut this… Nahi, No, no the glass does not cut like this. No this can not happen. No. no. No. NO !!! No no no !!!!!. Usually it is a no by the expert because it is not in the thinking space of the mind. No, the whole in my Pajama can never be fixed. it is a whole which i can look at but it can not be sewn or I can not mend this. This is the state of the boat in the river which thinks sinking is not an option.

Society is busy in tactics. tactics such as TRANSFER. the drawing is heated, drawing here means the ink is heated of the paper and now it can be transferred on to a sheet of paper, on to a T shirt or a wood block or a metal object. It can be copied, or something of it will come out and transfer to the other side and you will be amazed to see how good the results are.

We are constantly trapped in Results. Results are an end result. Like the chair which has been fixed or made to look like a chair to sit on. We are obsessed with results. We watch a cricket match with the hope that it will come to an end and some one will win or lose or some result will come out.

Just watch yourself next time, when you are walking, and walk by yourself and as you walk, you will through your gaze, eye sight decide on something. And lets say you decide to anticipate that this car which is coming from a distance will pass you. You have seen it from a distance and it is approaching you. It is coming nearer and now you are curious to see it pass you, who is driving it, the colour and the make of the car. Or any inquiry that you might have.

What if the car stops at a point near you and does not pass you. So this went outside your mental planning. It did not go as you planned it. When we draw, we are in between this past and present play. We let that line come into the space and then it always passes us, and it goes as per our plan. We see results happening at every moment. so much so, that after a point, it becomes boring. Drawing enters a state of being boring. We then use research to expand it or we use scale to further expand it or we use the notion of a series of drawings or we change this and that but it remains boring. We produce boring, dull drawings because it is within the mental planning field.

When this Car did not pass me that day and stopped and went in another direction, I decided to go after it. I walked a little and turned in that new direction. As i walked nearer to that car. That car eventually drove away and vanished with the sun setting. I kept seeing it become a tiny point like blurr. I was walking and it was not possible for me to run after it. But i could watch. I could watch my disappointment vanish and go….

can you finish my sentence ?

I would see it go out of my…. ( come one, you can do it )

I would see it go out of my SIGHT.

it left my sight, my seeing. I had seen it come my way and then it left my seeing. It was, i mean it kept me engaged through out my body and my head and my eye balls seeing it. Through my whole body, my eye balls were experiencing it. We experience the same in drawing when a line comes our way through the mind, through our act of drawing. It comes and we are doing the both parts of drawing it as it comes and seeing it as it is passing us. this speed of transition of doing and seeing. seeing and doing is faster than anything else we can imagine. This is phenomenal speed of seeing both, being aware of it.

Earlier i gave you the example of the car passing us, now there is the example of us being in car and things passing us faster than our speed of walking, inside an airplane, or inside a car but airplane we are not driving, the Car we are driving or can drive so we can slow down, speed up and turn where it is possible on the road. It is similar to making that line. A Car to feel decent needs a road and a pen needs a paper.

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