2 am

is when i got up startled and did not want to sleep immediately. It. was a dream that i wanted to step out of, and did not want to go back into. I said to myself, in a sleep mode, looking at my phone that i know its a dream so might as well go back to sleep and since I have broken the dream, it is ok to do so, it is ok to break out of the dream and again sleep because i will not enter this same dream again and i did not.

This is the moment, when the person came back from the building into the open space with a curving blade knife. The knife i remember was about 6 inches wide and about 6 inches thick, like a sheet of a blade but in a curving shape and this person keeps trying to cut my neck and my face and i keep resisting. We are both in a hold of each other but i am not letting this person get a cut on me. The pressure builds up so much that i wake up.

The dream begins something like this:

Earlier what i remember is that i had a fight with this person and i got good knife cuts on his face. And he said, i will cut you up now.

I don’t remember anything else from this dream.

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