Don’t you know me ?? the person said. He belonged to the the political party which was running my city Delhi right now. Aap Kaun ? is what i had asked. I was not sure who this person was, the face was a blurr. He was visibly upset.

Dont you know me ?? Dont you know me ?? the more he said, the more his vanilla like face started to become clearer. Of course I knew him. This dream would really get me stuck at a very strange place.

And i did not that is how it would lead up to. A car, or a bus had broken down, i don’t remember, on the road and i had a car in which i transported this Member of Parliament person. As we drove, i remember asking him where your office is, he said, its there ahead, maybe a kilometre or two ahead and it is next to the round about, and i said, yes, i remember and the more i thought towards it, the more clearer the image it became of their office and i came nearer and nearer and i saw the title of their organisation in Black big letters on top of their office building. I dropped him off and we both exchanged thank you.

Now dream gets stranger.

I go back and i pick up a woman who knows the person. And i am again suppose to drop her off to their office but my car breaks down. So we are inside a place which repairs mirrors, or cars, Glass, not mirror or furniture i think ? And a person gives an estimate of 50,000/- Rs. For demo pupose he fixes and shows us and has taken 10,000/- rs from me. I say no and along with this woman / female i walk out of this warehouse place. As we are going down, i come across another person who says let me show you, i can fix this. He again takes another 10,000 rs from me and fixes it and says 50,000 rs and i can fix it. In the meanwhile my mind has changed, so i say yes to this person for repairs.

As the repairs are going on. The earlier two people whom i had got a quotation from and I refused them, came down the stairs and saw the Car parts being repaired. They in a taunting way start singing something. I am thinking or i say. Hey I paid for the demo part 10,000 rs so i am under no obligation to get it repaired from you. Its my choice and i chose this person so leave us alone.

Then the repairs finished after sometime. This woman is getting restless because she is engaged to the earlier person i dropped. I look out the window. Its a kilometre stretch through a green forest area to his office who is waiting for her but i need the car fixed.

Now this person completes the repairs and demands 80,000 rs for the job done. I say, no it was for 50K, he says NO! Its a job worth 80K. I am now upset. i tell her. She in the meantime gets a call from him from his office. He is saying how long will it take. She says, she will be on her way any moment now. She looks at me and there is some form of saliva on her lips, something sticky material.

I tell her that and i tell the person who repaired my car material that show me the receipt where it is written 80K. Usually when work is done, there is a written estimate given of how much the work will cost. I know he said 50K so there is no written estimate, but i realise there is written of 50K either. So i am visibly upset. in order to prove him wrong i also need something.

I remember taking out cash, 50K for him and told him to count it. I told this woman / female / Madam that please count this money, that i can pay him and we are good to go and i will drop you. She counts and arranges the money in order, like ten rupees, 100 rupees, 50 rupees, 500 rupees in a row. All together for him to count.

I tell him I will not give you 80k. Just tell me the best you feel you will take. He is busy. She has sticky syrup like material on her lips. I am stuck here. I have a feeling that i can not just run away without paying. I need this get over properly and i leave from the factory space and back on the road to dropping her.

The dream ends.

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