I entered the gate and the person stopped me there saying, where are you going. I said, i am going to a families home. This family is, was our neighbours twenty years back. I was not going there. I was just passing by but i knew i had to say a home, only then this guard would let me go. So he let me go.

Then in this very dream, another friend said: I don’t know anyone in this colony, or i am some sort of fraud. So this makes me upset. So i take my friend around showing, that i know people here. that i know this person, and this person and so many come forward saying, oh so good to see you Gagan, we have known you for such a long time.

This makes my friend who had doubted me, that i dont know anyone feel embarrassed and ashamed.

Then again in the dream we both go back to that guard, he is asking, why have you come back here. I am again telling him that I know that family and i am visiting them. He lets us pass. Then in this colony i am searching for them. the family whose name i used as a lie, to tell them i did so, and i am just passing by but i will see you some other some time.

The dream ends.

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