It was

it was me and my dad tonight in the dream and I had entered this office space of my building management. Where The Manager of that building. ( the building is an office space in nehru place and the manager is someone known to me ) is there. The Manager says to me and my dad going through files, that are you ready to file the FIR against the building as i had stated in my earlier complaint. I don’t say anything because my work has not been done. And yet I am uncomfortable with the thought of the Police complain.

Now I don’t say anything to my dad. I am impressed with their office. It is thousands of square feet space with hundreds of cabins on this floor with windows all around.

In the rest of the dream, i search for the manager. To tell him (he is person who is in his late fifties) that i don’t want to have the police complain against the company and just want my work done. I don’t find him.

The dream ends here only. I keep searching for the person. I keep saying that if i see him, I did not write about the FIR. That i am happy that my work is being done. So just remove the negative part from the letter or its a mis understanding.

But I don’t find him. This building is next to my office building. Its much taller and a modern building with glass construction.

Good night.

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