Clarity of a dream

before i lose out on the dream. I need to share what i saw. Its related to Art, the Art world and my Art.

I have been given a space by my gallery. A space where the date for the Solo show has been decided. I don’t have a choice of this place, the date, time. I land up there and its a room all in black and white. With night every where, the walls are tube light white dip. I start putting these frameless works, plain sheets of white paper, large scale sheets of thick paper of all sizes. I see people coming for this show and i think half of the space is empty because i don’t have works.

What I do remember is the feel of standing in that room with my works as i write this post. Its night time and the gallery runs like a curving tunnel round and then out some where. I went from one to another and many were empty rooms or passages.

What i do remember is telling someone that i was told to just exhibit, so i am putting up as much as i can and till the point i can display in this gallery of endless multiple rooms. I am just putting as much as i can. The feeling i got here was that i could not see the exhibition as a whole. I mean, in a sense, i saw a beginning but then it goes into a dark hole. It was dark and i could not see anything where there is no material.

I do remember saying to people, i don’t know what i am doing. I am just putting up what ever I can. I have been given this date which is the date of my SOLO. So its happening on that date and these are the works i have. I am smiling. Because i am smiling to others. I am putting up a smiling face to others. They are seeing the works.

Yes, i remember this too, That they are going around seeing the works,

And in this exhibition, because i am there as it is happening, i am searching for an answer. I look everywhere to seek it. I am seeking others to tell me what they are experiencing because i can not see my works. I don’t see what I have done. All i see is people, a hall, paper on the wall and that it is my exhibition and i am taking them around. I don’t see anything else.

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