i’m sure i will dream tonite and before i close my eye lids and eyes do their own thing. I have to write down the dream of today morning, or the dream in the night.

I am a beinnale. I think it is is kochi, or some art exhibition and what i see is someone has been murdered or is absent or someone has hid something. I am with two other people. both known to me, a male and a female. One of them is sitting on the chair and in between two exhibition spaces, there is wooden partition. In this wooden partition i find an opening and a room like, or a container like space, where the gold, or money or something really precious is discovered by me and i am like, i found it. I cant believe this is where the person hid it without telling anyone and is now dead / absent.

I don’t remember the beginning or the end of the dream. this is all i remember.

I’m sorry.

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