Drawing and dreams and life

Its 8:40 pm, the fan is on the lowest speed above my head. I will be eating dinner after posting this post. It seems like I have not put down anything serious about drawing since 2017-18 till date.

And today might be just that day.

Drawing starts to make sense when other things are not so visible on the horizon. This horizon encompasses of constantly being distracted from things. Everything is a distraction but drawing. And the more I made myself distracted the more I did not draw the right composition.

A Composition

Its something which composes itself, in the form of lines, smudges, strokes, colour, graphite, ink etc, the mediums, the marks which come out and you look at them and say ! ” Ah whatever i was saying so far, it was actually this that i really wanted to say. Sort. of like a powerful drawing.

Before this date, if i did not awareness of what is a powerful drawing. I only reached to a point which was the most powerful moment for me. But what if you reach some place and keep it controlled there? This will neither have a future, nor a past. It will start to bore you, finish you off and start to seem like a dead formula because this did not come just from experience but articulation of thought.

Articulation of thought

We articulate something and then it has no future, no past. In this case i did this with the drawing, but then how did i move forward? or did i move forward, backward or am i making this up?

The secret lies in starting all over again and again. Wherever you reach, go back to how you were 10-20-30-40 years ago, Keep going back to school, to as back as you can. Before you became what you are now. Because now you can see what you were doing few years back and that makes you laugh at how silly and stupid your pursuits were. So now go back from that, as much as you can, like you are starting to draw today.

Before you read that book on Philosophy, before you picked up that book on techniques of drawing, before you had that thought that you want to be an artist, before you became a master, or a student or wherever you might be in life.

After all, sketchbooks, paper, the definition and history of drawing was there before you, before you entered College of art, or picked the subject fine arts in school or bought your first canvas, oil paint, pencil etc.


I cant say much about this. I said what i wanted to under Drawing. ( Samajhdaar ko ishaara hi kaafi hai ).

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