2 dreams

please forgive me for not writing yesterdays dream. so i will write out both dreams today. one that i had few hours ago and the other which i had yesterday whatever i can remember.

Today’s dream is where i go to a coffee shop and it is filled with customers but i want to order coffee but they are an incomplete shop. cafe. They don’t have a muffin. It doesnt make sense. The owner comes up. I say you use to sell muffin with coffee. He says we never did. So now i can not order just coffee, so i decide to search for another cafe.

I go to another one but people are sitting there and i look at the counter and it is deserted counter. I realise this is not a cafe but an abondoned cafe being used by people to just sit on their way to work etc.

I meet a printmaker who walks in my room and i show the Drawing book. Its called Vitamin D and this person walks around my bed to see the book but does not really see the book. Before this another person was there earlier who came up next to my bed and sat on a stool. And then left. I was busy reading the drawing book. I did not pay much attention to this person. I think it was my care taker.


Yesterday it was violent. In a sense it had violence of some form. I am trying to remember it. There are two people inside a car and i come to warn them of this danger. This person who is aggressively walking on this route. I am unable to remember it clearly

This car i clearly remember is upside down and its like the top of an umbrella and the two people are talking, resting underneath it. I have come from being followed by a person from a home to this open public place and I want to warn them of this approaching dangerous person. Its night time and both of them are under a white bright light. Laughing, talking but unaware of who is approaching them.

Thats it Folks 🙂 these were the two dreams. Forgive me for not writing more.

Take Care and best wishes (ha ha ha ha ha ha).

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