this dream is clearer

this dream is clearer than the last one. I have a piece of paper. a letter of the invitation for a venue. Its happening in an area similar to Lajpat nagar in Delhi. I am in an office which is 3 women working on the computer. One of them leads me to the venue where a party is happening inside.

The auto wallah is dropping me off after the party. And he takes me in an alley. I jump out of the running Auto saying you are taking me to a wrong place. When i am jumping out of the auto and running with the auto while holding it. I am confused why am i doing this but i see myself yelling to the auto wallah, Yay meray ghar ka rastaa nahi hai ! He stops and we are in an alley. Its like the back lane of my home and the party place is East of kailash, Lajpat nagar.

I have been going around the whole day with that sheet of paper asking, where is this venue and yet i know where it is but i am unsure if the party is already over because i think i am late to the place.

And in the backlane, i run towards a back door which is open and the auto wallah has a rock like, black coloured stick which is picks up and runs walks towards me. I remember clearly i enter this room and try to shut the door on the autowallah who is joinned by two more auto wallh, all three with these rock swords in their hands which is slimmer at the handle and thick as a bat at the top.

The kundi, the lock is broken, i can not lock myself in. Its useless. i try it but its not happening. so now as i retreat back, i tighten my back pack and from it i take out a small sword and i am again in another back lane with one on my left, the original auto wallah and two more in front of me.

I was at some other function where, as i was leaving, i took out this sheet of paper of the invite. I was like – should i go? So i decide to get there on this auto only. And when i am in the venue, before the party, I am led to this room where i can change, rest, leave my back pack. It has a bathroom, a bed, a mirror. From here, one gets refreshed and then heads to the main party.

As i get dressed and put my back pack on the bed, i am about to leave, i try to lock this room, i spin the key but it wouldn’t lock, so what to do? I then think i can not leave my bag pack in the room. The incident of the three auto wallahs chasing me happens later. So then i try putting the bagpack on my shoulder but how can you go the party with a bagpack. the whole purpose of this room is to leave your stuff.

so by now, someone walks in my room to use it. i can not believe this. They want to get ready in this room and then another bunch walks in to use the wash room. This gets me angry and upset. They are misusing my room and i am unable to lock it.

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