Mom’s cough

It seems like a morning dream and its about a chase. I am chasing something. And it constantly fights in different rooms. Where i pick up people from the legs and bang their head against the corner of the wall again and again and breaking it.

In this dream I am with others. I think its 1 or 2 people and the others are enemies. So we are on a floor where there are many rooms and all the killings are usually happening in dark rooms. And these walls are partition walls with a height of few feet, so the heads of the enemies can be banged on top to break / snap their heads.

I can not recall now, who i was with, or if this person is helping me or betraying me. but where we go, we are having to hide because of these people behind us who have to be killed for me / us to move forward in this office / maze like situation.

and then my mom coughs in the other room. I wake up and go to the other room. I have departed the dream space.

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