i got off the taxi and i had been allotted or i had taken up a place on rent. It was C R park i think, a bengali colony. So i enter this home to find my room as it seems the house has many rooms which are let out. I see a sikh person without his turban, black hair bun walking away from me, saying your room is there. He doesn’t talk to me. He just points towards a room.

I keep walking and this home opens up like a food court. it has maybe 100 rooms inside. So i keep walking and i see a room where people are still inside the room and making love. So i walk away to another room where I am led by the owner as a very good room but i cant get in because the door is maybe 2 feet in height and 1 feet in width. So i say, no to that room because i cant get in.

As i keep walking inside this house which has an open space like a food court, it is crowded with people who stay here or are just there but i still dont have a room.

This dream is real. I am really uncomfortable as i am going room to room trying to find that room where i can stay. The owner led me to a room and then walked inside and came out and said: forget it, its already occupied by a family living there.

I don’t know when the dream ended. My mom was coughing in the other room. But it was one of those dreams where it was so real. Me getting down in front of this home which would have a front of maybe 20 feet. A normal 2-3 story home in a colony but inside it is a huge opening as big as a food court in a very very big mall almost the size of half football field. With hundreds of rooms. All are occupied.

I just cant get into a room and yes i have luggage with me. What does this type of dream mean? Do i ask Carl Jung? or just leave it and visit more dreams.

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