the hotel

was it the hotel, or a place to stay but it had many rooms so i am assuming it was a hotel. but after a long time, it had me in it, my dad and my brother. I can not remember it with utmost clarity but i remember it was something i had out of which if you press a button, Dahi would come out. I was putting on my brothers plate by pressing a button on the pen or something and dahi would get produced.

Also outside the hotel which was on a vertical hill like position, there were green stretchy frogs. I did not see a frog but silhouettes. Green sticky forms.

I saw an artist from, She was riding a motor cycle, something like a board with handle, steering and motor. Her hair was touching the ground. i just saw here flowing hair with two people on the same board. they were all kids including here. I turned right and she turned left. Right was the hotel.

I told my dad, isnt he happy to see my brother, his younger son in the hotel room. So we again try to search for him. Basically me and my dad are trying to find him from the start in the hotel. I am unable to remember what happened in the beginning of the dream. But he was not expecting us in the hotel. So that is why we are searching for him.

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