kissi ki pukar

I was suffering from extreme flu. but i could not tell that i was suffering. dekho mujhay apni hi suffering nahi samajh aayi.

Eyes were burning. My nose was an open tap and i was sneezing, maybe 10 or 30 sneezes in an hour. I was afraid to touch my towel, my bedsheet, jacket, clothes. i was scared. But i was hero. So i did not feel the Flu.

three days had gone by and it was getting worse now. fever had set in. I walked with two hands on my face to contain my sneeze particles from my mom in the next room. And then it happened.

On a whats app chat, a caring soul heard me barking my bark cough and suggested i must consult a doctor. I jokingly said – give me a home remedy or a medicine name. And i was told doctor is the best remedy due to seriousness of the situation, covid, flu, mother unwell etc.

I whats app my doctor my symptoms and to my utter shock the medication given, i took it and my tap nose stopped !!!!

today is the next day that i am writing this article. My chest is congested. my nose is blocked. I am weak but i am better than the past three days. I can feel the difference. Talking to a friend, a loved one helps.

I don’t know what power medicines have, I am not in favour of medicines but how simply a crocin tablet gave me, made me sleep with so much ease. how a cough syrup tells me that if you have me, i will not let the mucus develop further, that i will ease your nasal passage. That if you drink me twice a day, i will clear your lungs passage.

That how much we are against medication. That i was about to do self prescription at home, or call the chemist because its so easy to ask him. Hey Yay cold ka, flu ka konsa bestseller hai aaj kal ?? Ek patta ghar bhijwaa.

My saviour told me, everyone wants to kick on the belly of the doctor. Another words if we dont pay the fee of the doctor, how will the doctor earn money and no money means doctor will have no food to eat. which is kick on the stomach.

I had sent a laughing emoji then in response but my eyes were in tears. My pillow was wet with my nose droppings. I had tissue papers permanently stuffed up my nostrils.

Im happy i am slightly better than before and i could write this article.

Warm regards

Gagan Singh

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