end of drawing

It’s December 5th today.

somewhere in august 2022 i stopped drawing. I put away my sketchbook for good. The practice of going to a cafe everyday to draw also stopped. I am trying to recall what made me do this. But i do remember i removed myself from Instagram application sometime then as i did not want to post any further drawings online.

so i did not want to draw, nor share them online or otherwise ( Jab drawing hi nahi hai tau share kya karungaa ).

When you don’t draw:

  1. you can complete pending tasks much better
  2. you can do other things, which are non art, non drawing, non visual
  3. you lose interest in visiting art exhibitions
  4. your intensity in art drops

  • my mom these days often says. ” hope you have not started to draw again. Concentrate on your business “.
  • ” No mom. no. I have these pending works today. ” I reply back to mother in confident tone.

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