Driving Vision

On September 08, 2022 I am driving back home. The weather conditions are as such that there is low visibility due to rain. I have reached a market near my home. M Block shopping market. I am in a Car which when i speed up is directly linked with how I start to feel in that moment.

A person is trying to cross the road with the help of a parking lot assistant.

I speed up with this thought that by the time i reach near these people, they would have crossed over. As of now, i may be less than 100 meters away. My vision shows them as blurred forms. I am seeing the road ahead, traffic in front of me, on my right which is driving towards me and passing me. I see the sky and also traffic ahead of the two people trying to cross the road.

I am getting nearer and I give myself a command that i need to slow down and I do the action of slowing the car by applying my foot on the brakes. I can not see my foot doing this action but I can see the car slowing down and i know it will not crash into them.

The two people. One woman and the parking attendant who is raising his hand asking my car to stop become visible when i am just maybe 10 feet away from them. The disturbing expressions of the woman who is upset that Cars are not stopping become visible to me. I can now clearly see that they decided to just stop in the middle of the road.

Visibility or what you decide to see is entirely dependant on What you want to see. I anticipated that they will cross the road. So my focus was not on them. Its only….

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