August 24th dreams

Because i woke up just now. I can write about my dreams. TAZAA TAZAA. And my mind is pulling me away to all directions of the current life thoughts. and as it does so, I will have to now pull myself back to this article of Dreams that I am writing.

I am in a taxi. It’s an auto rickshaw or a taxi. It is an auto rickshaw to begin with. I have placed my mobile in my bag which is next to me. And I am telling the driver that there are people who can snatch your phone. your mobile phone that is. So I am afraid.

I hold on to my bag very tightly as i feel it has my mobile as well as my wallet and also my Laptop I think. I am not too sure.

All of a sudden, someone from the back of my seat, a head raises. I am shocked to see a head raise and this means someone had been hiding in my auto rickshaw or now it is a CAB all along. I raise some form of alarm and tell the driver to stop the car and tell him, did he know ?

He is old, i know this. An old body and he doesn’t say anything. I look around, because I am anticipating something is going to happen any moment now. And this is where i wake up. I Know it was a dream but it is so real that it leaves me disturbed.

Even a while back in the night, I had another troublesome dream. But as i try to remember that one, i must add: That post this dream of being in the cab and fearing my mobile, my bag would be stolen, I woke up thinking that what is that i was thinking of last night, or a message that i exchanged on whats app or Instagram with someone or a video or an image i saw, or email i saw, or conversation i had, that has lead us to this situation.

I tried hard to think of the trigger point but then decided to wake up at 5:30 am.

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