Cartoon drawing workshop

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Cartooning, Sense of Humour, funny faces, funny stories, everything funny. We will draw a face and then make a caricature of it and then we will make the body do funny things. We will think of a story, and then do more funny stuff. This way it will be so funny we will generate laughter and call it a cartoon.

Workshop will explore:

  1. Cartoons
  2. Caricature
  3. Satire
  1. Pick a topical story that you like to begin with ( write 5 stories ) 10 min
  2. Pick a Character that you wish to draw to begin with ( create 5 characters ) 10 min
  3. Being Satirical would bring in Mockery, to ridicule, make fun of, make a serious comment 10 min
  4. Slowly we will start to exaggerate the features of the person 15 min
  5. We will work on the Character and other elements
  6. What are the other elements – Background, colouring, objects, form, layout, figure 30 min
  7. create these separate pages in the sketchbook
  8. The Final Work 15 min

Reference use of:

Cartoons of Mario de Miranda

Year, 1952.

Pay at:

Google pay: 9871008567 (Gagandeep Singh Grover)

You just need a sketchbook and something to draw with. keep pens, pencil handy. And sheets of paper and your favourite cup of coffee, chai etc 🙂

12 – 2 pm

Sunday, August 21 on Zoom.

(I will send you the Zoom Link, don’t worry)

Send me your Email ID at

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