August 4th is a Thursday

August 4th is a Thursday and there was the Thursday morning starting from the night turning into a day. This post is writing out the dream narrative which occurred last night, or early morning. We don’t know. I need to start the day and do things but to write this dream out is important.

This is where I am in a car being driven by someone. This is an open car. So everyone can see me. My cousin is screaming my name behind me. SHARU, SHARU. I pretend that i am on the phone. I pretend that i can not hear him. This car is racing ahead and i think me and my cousin have to be in the same destination. He is with his mother.

Then I am going down the stairs and my neighbour sees me. I have gone down from my second floor to almost ground to drop someone and then i realise i forgot to put on clothes. I feel ashamed and run up but an elderly person on the first floor, in his late seventies sees me. I know he has seen me because i saw my self naked as i rushed up thinking to myself, that how could i forget to put on my clothes.

Then i meet a person, a woman who asks me where I stay. I reply. I stay in Colaba. She replies that she also stays in Colaba. I can remember her face very clearly, and upon waking up, it felt this person exists. We should meet, she stays because both are in the same area of Mumbai.

That is all I can remember of the dream. It felt too real when it was happening.

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