troubled by sleep

troubled by sleep, i lay awake and writing. It is a diaristic style of writing. It is in the form of a diary. A personal note written at midnight, July 20th with rains in delhi.

Dahanu is, and will always remain one of the most special moments in my life. Why i must say so. It is because in those moments I saw much more than i could take in. I saw a much larger moment, then possible. Not just a small story of two characters speaking out a dialogue but the entirety of a moment.

I will share an example and use notes on what is drawing to answer the same. I will answer you that truth which you have not heard of ( the text in red is a lie ).

The example is this. When i remember Dahanu, i remember a scene in which i saw everything. Everything is seeing everything visible at one go but a very large visibility, like as if i saw everything around me at one time. Let’s say the cows in front of me, the road ahead, the shops, homes in all sides of me and movement on this road only, and what lies ahead, what i am about to reach to, all at one go. And it is so clear in visibility that even though it has been more than a year, i can see it not as one picture but multiple images of entering Dahanu from the flyover to the hotel to the railway station, to the beach and to the time of leaving the city, and walking in the city. It was covid on high alert and everything was closed.

What is drawing?

i don’t know, but i do know is that the usage of space on paper was different for me. That difference is the only indicator for me, as something worth sharing and writing here on my blog. Forgive me if i disappointed you reader.

I would like to go back and maybe visit the tribal belt, see their lifestyle and spend time there. Lets see what 2022 holds for this mind and body combination.

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