Image as an Add on

There are two images. One is of the ‘sky walk’ taken because it spoke to me. Under constructed images speak to me. And i speak back at them. This is a sky walk yet to be completed. It is pure cement architectural form in space. Ive spent two decades here in this market. Almost my whole life. And now this new body comes up.

I take a picture but the heat is unbearable. This must be the worst summer ever. It is not boiling hot but a heat which causes pain in your eyes. It’s like the sun is sitting next to you or in your lap. YOU WILL BURN.

A message on a social media application comes from a student of Architecture, that in response to this image, can you share the Drawing. There is a sense of excitement in this message, just like the mother bird flying to her nest to feed her babies the meat in her beaky mouth.

This is where the INTENTION changes. There are two scenarios. One is where i take the photo and I would have drawn SOMETHING out. But in this case, I am responding to a message where the other is eager to see. I am drawing with a particular intention. The Intention is like the Knob of a Gas. It depends where you put it. If you can understand INTENTION. Then you can understand the functioning of Drawing. It is a subtle act of looking at something. If i am sitting inside a car, you might see me, or you might see my hand change the gear or you might see me composed inside the car on a car seat. It depends on what is it that you wish to see in that first moment of seeing.

The Out put, with a regular size coffee and death by chocolate cookie in a cafe on a tuesday evening is that I am super relaxed. I have come from a nap. I am charged and i am sitting in a comfortable posture. What follows is drawing out the image and the skywalk and the I pause.

Pause: I have drawn the image and my work is done and yet the pause establishes what can be added more. Now the two character some up. Me and madam. I can hardly contain my excitement as i start climbing the Under constructed form and yet madam says out, that at least let them complete it first, so that we can officially call it a sky walk.

I look back and this is the first time I have put an image to use. In other words I have entered an image of the city. The City is a set of images. And i did not i could just enter it like this because it is not a background. It is a character of the City.

I left the Cafe with a sense of completeness. I dropped my pen like an MC drops his Mike. I would have jumped out of the window of the Cafe with a sense of joy but I did not. I feared breaking of important bones of the feet which are needed for walking.

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