dus tukray

i entered into a conversation with someone and realised that:

The conversation was filled with abusive words being used by the other.

there was constant use of cutting up.

the testicles would be cut in 10 pieces.

whether male or female gender, the same abuses were being used creating gender equality

constant uses of tukray, in other words breaking in many pieces was being said.

constant physical pain was being inflicted in words which could be done to the other.

then cutting up, maybe with a blade, a sword, or some form of sharp object was being repeatedly spoken of. That i will cut up, or that person if does this, will be cut up into 10 pieces. I am assuming if you are cut up in 10 pieces then nothing of you will remain. And you will be in pain and then death.

abuses were being changed from sister abuses to penis of the sister to sex with mother. usually the sister and the mother of the other were involved. Occasionally spirituality, God, selfless service, miracles, the unseen powers of god, the miracles of someone being saved from the jaws of death were invoked.

Religion, religious point of view was spoken of. What the connection with my God means to me, how much i am connected etc.

This was a mix with abuses, and then mentioning of GOD and its powers.

animal reference might be the dog. The kutta or the kuttiaa, male and female abuses. No other animals such as alligator, bear, bird, snake, dinosaur were used. I am not sure of the use of keera. Keera is insect. i stepped on you and crushed you like you were a keera. No such sentences came up.

Gestures with the arm of cutting were also used. That you ( not me) will be cut up and the arms swung like a sword was being used to cut up and slice up the individual who was creating the pain or could do, but if the other did it to this level, then see what happens. A form of preparation to hurt the other.

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