amrit vela

Jap ji Sahib, Pauri 4.

Amrit vela Sach nao, vadiaaee Vichaar.

Amrit is a time, i suppose here Guru Nanak mentions a time. This time is connected to the reading of human man kind. Where Man has a sense of time to get up at Amrit Vela, when night has finally ended and day has yet to begin.

What does this mean? Day is connected to daylight. the light in the day when it reaches you, starts to reach you and the day begins and then when does the night end, it ends when we start to see the change in the sky light as it starts to become a day.

Amrit vela sach nao. It is the truthful time, it is the right time to be up and meditate or ponder or to sit and think or as they say in meditation, to sit and watch the thoughts which pass you. What ever it may be, Guru Nanak in Jap ji sahib says Vadiaaee Vichaar.

I guess i would not understand what is Vadiaaee or Vichaar, but Nanak says, that is the time to remember the attributes, the qualities, the greatness, the omnipresence of God? I don’t know because i don’t have this insight.

Someone who has done so, has communicated and has been communicated with. I suppose this would be a two way channel. today they put sound waves treatment into my back to heal my back. I could not feel anything but the muscles which are inflamed, i am sure would have felt good, those cells must have felt really good. But since I have no insight i could not feel anything.

But my intention of writing this piece tonight at 1 am is because i only know one thing. I am leaking in all directions. too many doors are open of energy and so i shut 2-3 doors today to not focus into my work, but just to even know what it feels like closing few doors, chapters, books, cupboards, roads, paths. It’s like so much needs to be closed, shut, temporary or permanent or that you don’t go there even if people are calling you, screaming your name, pulling you to be with them.

A book, a comic book, a lecture, an explanation, a video, a visual form needs to be shut as it activates the brain completely. It puts the brain to do, to create and this generates a response. The sound waves went into my body as the physiotherapist felt that was the best way to send and communicate with my muscle cells. The doctor took the decision. I did not. I did not even know that sound waves could be sent inside the body to heal. I did not even know when the sound waves were being sent.

This is it. We just don’t know anything. We don’t know when and how sound waves can go in us or when that sound machine has not been created, what all can go in us and in which ways. we don’t know. I was not looking at the machine. i was looking at the wall and it was happening. so maybe waves or energies go in, and doctors like mediators take shape at all times treating us, curing us, curing the cells in inflammation.

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