My cousin and a friend both were there so clearly in my dreams. And I was in Amritsar. I tried to board a train to Amritsar and realised that I was in Amritsar only. Then I tried to go and find a hotel near Darbar Sahib and was at a friends house who is actually an artist / student based in delhi. Ironically there is someone else there. I can not recall now. But after a time, we, all 3 of us decide to leave and we come down from the first floor to the ground floor. I recall standing on the railing of the staircase. And then being in the back of the car as my artist friend is driving. The artist friend is a woman and the other person who i can not recall is a man. As i write i am unable to recall if i know this person.

Somewhere in the city my cousin spots me and says – Hey Sharu its you. To which i reply to people i am walking that – that is my cousin from Delhi. He was wearing a Red Turban. Earlier when i saw him i thought its someone who is a look alike of my cousin.

I don’t get to Darbar Sahib. That is not there in my dreams. But all i know is while walking i had asked a street vendor that which way to Darbar Sahib. He pointed towards a direction and said – that way. he also said, you can not walk to it, you need to hire an Auto or a Taxi something. As i am walking i reach my friend, the artist / student home. So its with her that I am being dropped to the Darbar Sahib, but we dont get there. The dream ends i think when I don’t get to the Darbar Sahib.

I am running to the train station and on my phone about to enter the train station and waiting to see which train goes to Amritsar. I am panicking because I am not in delhi but someplace where i decide why don’t i go to Amritsar? So when i reach the train station. I in a state of hurry start looking for the right train which will get me there in 7-8 hours. Because that is how far I am. A train shows me 0:00 to the destination. So that is when i am told i think or i realise that I am at the destination only. This gives me a huge relief. That I am there only.

It is night time. I am walking in the night only because i recall street lights and curvy roads in Amritsar. I meet the street vendor whom I ask, Is darbar sahib near, or which way to it ? He says yes this is the way only but you can not walk there.

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