My dad’s grandmother

Jung evokes the dead. from where I do not know. but he does. and now how do i track my great grandmother. The night is of a night in April 2012. It’s ten years ago. its a sofa on which my dad tells me, when i asked him of his fond memory. or was it him, on his own decides to share that more than his own mother, it was his dad’s mother, his grandmother whom he loved and or who loved him a lot.

Jung i have been rejected so many times to see you that i will now see you when it is meant to be. But i will read your words more carefully on the dreams. and also life of the dead. And the unfinished stories.

Where do i go for this ? as this project was first submitted to the Frost museum in 2012, the line of my dad’s life. that trajectory. Now where do i go?

How do i find my dad’s grand mother. Was she in Jhansi? Was she born in Pakistan? Which religion? Where are we before and after partition? What age was my dad when he came to ? Was it Rajender nagar in delhi or was it Bhopal, was it Jhansi? or some place else? Where was his grandmother when he was doing his Engineering at Aligarh Muslim university ? When was she born and when did she die? Do i meet her in my dreams, or in my visualisation ? or in my walks ? or become a central point of my investigation and which leads to a dead end like so many of my proposals?

My dad’s dad, my grand father passed away at a young age with a heart attack in Jhansi i think. he died in the first attack. My dad survived and lived till his 60’s. So what happened not just to my grandmother but my grandfather. What did they do?

Do i go in picture archives, family albums searching for clues of her? And through an image will she talk to me? how does this happen Jung? Do i ask your best friend Freud? Whom do i consult in this case?

What is the right term here? Psychotherapy, dreams, neurosis, what ? to begin with, the ones who have died is a word. The Dead and I am alive, hence that connection with the Dead.

Dadi di Chaa? is that what my dad said ? do i track this in the drawings i made in 2012. Do i make a mandala now? my Mandala of my consciousness and my dream like state? What do i do now?

best wishes

Gagan Singh

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