Mid April Stories

I have a story to tell, and it’s about human relationships. To specify it more clearly, It’s about how we see each other. Like How i see the vegetable seller, how i see someone in the office someone I know for years and how i see someone who is a stranger.

In this case if the stranger is a doctor, then i would think differently, if it’s someone who does not mention his ID, i would start guessing by how they look like. I would be in this case dependant on the outward appearance including the voice, expressions and everything. So I am dependant and not independent. I am not free of being judgemental.

Now the vegetable seller is someone i know. So i would not have any personal relationship with him and my happiness and sadness with him would be dependant on the type of vegetables he sold me. So everyday if it is good vegetable I would be happy. And if he put rotten tomato or less weight for what he charged than i would get upset. So My relationship is based on the quality of what he sells me. It should always be A1 quality. The day when the carrots don’t taste right or the capsicum once cut has a insect inside I would show signs of sadness.

And now for the last part. people who know me and how they behave, things they say, lets say at a workplace. That makes it easier. Most of us go to work somewhere. I could be a swimming instructor, an accountant, a police officer or a manager in the bank and i would have what is known as colleagues. These are people who work with me and can call me for family dinner or we might go out together for recreational activities after the office. friends from the workplace. Unlike the Vegetable seller and the stranger, something strange occurs within people who know each other. Its is called trust and deception. Both are opposites when i use them. A friend whom you trust versus one who deceives you. Then you have another layer of being selfish and selfless. Again these are opposites. And the strange part is that none of these opposing qualities are fixed. It is generally based on how a trustworthy can deceive and someone who is ready to deceive becomes trustworthy. And in the case of selfish and selfless. Someone who is always selflessly giving becomes self centred and a self centred person realises and becomes selfless and giving without any expectations. The workplace unlike the vendor shop where you buy a burger or the talk with a stranger who runs away or at you is where the maximum drama happens because we don’t know many many things. Just like how a ball thrown at us approaches us, we can catch it or dodge it before we get hit or we get hit, same with how someone approaches you and you are watching their selfish / selfless intentions falling through, you are calculating if you want to help or not help. Whether what is being said, you process as something you can trust or something that you should delete as a lie because you feel it is nothing but deceit. You are also in a state where you do know or you don’t know and will process it later to know. Events happen and you can not process what just happened. A wind storm can be a pleasure or devastating or both. We don’t know, i mean you don’t know, i mean I don’t know. But We will be hit by a windstorm. we just may or may not know how to react in the moment. But the question i would put across is – did the windstorm know what it was doing ? In other words a person who approaches me is calm yet I can see the windstorm. So at a workplace, it is seemingly calm but when you meet these people you are met with storms. So much so that you are no longer able to remain calm. your calmness just like how the rotten tomatoes made you upset, is again made upset when you are hit by a windstorm where as the difference is that the rotten tomatoes can be seen with naked eye but the storm is not visible. The wounds are not visible of those who put up a smile. The tomato can not hide its rottenness and neither can you hide your storm because it affects the other around you.

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