Mr. Gurpartap S Grover


On April 10th, 2012 my dad passed away. We are a family of three now. Me, my brother and my mom. Today is April 10th, 2022. It’s been ten years.

my dad’s prayer book
inside the prayer book

A drawing from an artist book / sketchbook made by me during his stay in the hospital in 2012.


In the hospital they write what is known as the Death summary. Not a discharge summary which he would get every time after getting discharged and coming back home. This time he did not come back home.

I was afraid of his dead body coming back home and till date I have not figured out what death means. All I know is that he passed away. I mean, that is what they told me when they took him from the hospital bed to the operation theatre downstairs ( I was with him throughout). They said, they could not revive him.

The Death Summary by Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Okhla Road writes:

” There he again developed severe breathlessness on evening of 10/4/2012 and was shifted to HCCC-II for further management. He was gasping for breaths and monitor showed VT. Immediately cardiac massage was initiated and patient was given 200 J of DC shock after intubation with ET tube. VT persisted and while ventilating mechanically another shock of 200 J was delivered. VF started which reverted with another shock of 200 J to junctional rhythm and then to sinus tachycardia with severe hypotension. Patient was put on high inotropic and ventilator supports. Relatives were explained the grave prognosis and poor condition of the patient from time to time.

On 10/4/12 at 10:55 pm, patient had cardiac arrest. CPR was started according to ACLS protocol but patient could not be revived even after all resuscitative efforts and was declared dead at 11:25 pm on 10/4/12″

Me and my brother were outside the Emergency room and we were told that he passed away.

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