midnight confusion

when it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense. And that is where I am. We have two plots with Ansal Megapolis where the company is not paying back our money. I am wondering the sense with how these companies work. People who make up these companies, their staff, the top position, the mid position, the low position. Everyone. There is no clarity, no accountability, no one answers and here we are from 2011 to 2022. In 2011 my dad was alive and he passed away in 2012 and here I am after 10 years trying to get my money back. What troubles me is not that I need to get my money from the Company but how we are as human beings and how these situations arise. There is no accountability. No one answers.

Human nature and its ways of functioning. Its ways of running a business, or in better words – how we do Sale, purchase of goods and services. From a doctor taking money to provide consultation, of looking at the disease and giving a solution to a Company which promises to deliver land, in this case a plot to me by a given date. This Plot would have a road in front of it and a shopping mall near by, and a hospital and a school and pre built homes around my land. But I have no correspondence till date.

In India we have projects under the title of Townships which a reputed builder proclaims to build. In this case it was to be a 2500 acre township. In the Greater Noida mall, I still remember seeing the township model on the ground floor with all its small models of people, buildings, cars, roads etc.

Now my Original papers are with an employee of that company whom I am chasing to return my documents and in search of lawyers who can fight the case. And we dont know where this would lead to as it is an unfinished project.

An unfinished project because the builder never completed it. At one point we were told the local farmers took over the land, at another point we came to know the builder has no funds to develop the project and now we know that it is an abandoned project. But the builder is not giving back the money with interest. No letter, nothing. No communication with me. Not even a Hi, how are you doing ?

This is where the human relationships have failed. Last there was news that the owner is in jail for an old fire case of a cinema hall. But this has nothing to do with the project. If the builder has taken money, they are liable to return with interest.

What shocks me further is that as i wait to see how I fight this case forward, the builder has not on its own put the money back in my bank account along with interest. My money is the money paid from my bank account for instalments which went as the builder raised a request for every work he did like cutting the plot, creating a road, putting the sewage line, putting electric poles and finally telling me to come and take possession of the plot and start construction on the said land.

No idea how the world operates. Or in this case the Noida authorities are running on fraud as no action has been taken by the UP government on the Ansal builders in helping the individual buyer of the plot, the common man who had a dream, desire to own a home outside Delhi. It is 2022, April 10, 40 degrees of heat. 2 am.

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